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I was with some old friends last night and we went touched the topic of careers.  One of them (I killed this person already…) rudely commented why i still chose tro stick to the call center industry.  I  said that it was a fulfilling and challenging career, an answer which my dead friend (well not literally dead, but he is now dead to me) laughed at.

“Eh ang callcenter naman e pang bobo lang a…”

…excuse me?

As a cartified ‘callboy’, I am often bombarded with the question of why I chose to have a career in the call center industry.  Family and friends always argue that I have achieved a degree in which I can look for a job someplace else, but it’s so strange that I opted to work in an industry that is categorized by the general unknowing public as an occupation that does not require mental power.

The reality is that, you learn a lot and profit from working in Call centers.  Most of us, CC employees, already know that to be true.  Being with my current company, I have already picked up lots benefits and lessons that I would not have been able to get anywhere else.  Lessons that are aptly unique to the world of the Call Center Industry and probably the reason why I remain as an agent.

Allow me to share with you the things that I’ve picked up as a Callboy…


Most people grow up to be 30 and still don’t know how to take care of themselves.  When working in Call centers (especially the shifts for the dead), you will unavoidably learn how to practically live alone and survive.  When you go home, you either go to a house where everyone has left for school or work, or you just fall asleep in your room where no one notices you.  This experience makes you realize that your parents will not cook and clean and watch out for you forever.  You learn to be independent and you strive to survive.  The power of common sense (which isn’t very common at all) is developed.

Having a proper budget. 

While some agents spend all their wages on Starbucks, cellphones, clothes and pirated dvd’s, I have seen that a lot more agents learn the value of money.  They learn that money is not easily gained, and their paychecks came from enduring frustrations and curses from irate clients who have IQ’s below 22.  Their night differentials and bonuses came from risking their safety and health, which makes them respect their earnings more. 


A Computer Literacy Upgrade

If you work as a callboy or a callgirl, you become tech savvy.  Gone are the days when you panic at the first sign of PC trouble.  Whenever there’s a problem with any computer you immediately say, Clear the cache and delete temporary internet files, (even if that computer has no internet).  You also develop swiftness in typing, and you get exposed to the amazing time saving power of ctrl+c & ctrl+v.  You become exposed in the realm of computers and technology — training that you wont easily get from anywhere else.  And bukas makalawa..hacker ka na, nag pipirata na…etcetc

You learn respect for people.

You get exposed to a wide array of individuals, attitudes, preferences, cultures and sexualities.  In call Centers, racists and judgmental people are seen as the ones who should be dragged out in Edsa and shot.  Minds get broadened and understanding evolves – a CC agent gets to accept intellectuals, idiots, ugly people, weird people, eccentric people, smelly people, etc. 

You get to be who you really are.

Unlike other industries, acceptance is a norm in a call center.  You have the freedom to just be yourself.  If you have three kids by the age of 28 or if you are gay or you are quite old; or even if you are an old gay, people won’t raise this as an issue. You will be evaluated based on the work you do and not by what you are.

Your communication skill improves.

Gone are the days of nosebleeds.  Within three months, you’ll eventually learn the meaning of escalate and sub-categorize.  English is caught and not taught.  Speech Power courses mean little to a call center agent who has worked for a year handling calls from North America.

Other health benefits.

While others spend thousands for the miraculous powers of Belo and other skin whitening essentials, like glutathione and jobos, you naturally get whiter because you do not get that exposed to sunlight.  Basura ang Glutathione at Metathione samin!!!  You get panda-eyes though…but you just cannot win it all.

You will also be far from the dangers of cancer.  Coffee has lots of antioxidants and in call centers you may drink coffee till Paquiao becomes well versed in English.  Still remember though that anything in excess is harmful.

But seriously…

I believe that the best thing that an individual gets from working in call centers is the aptitude to learn how to give.  In our industry we learn to give information, we learn to give time, we learn to give patience and we learn to give understanding to those around us.  I believe that it is also the uniqueness of the call center service that enables us agents to learn more about giving as compared to other jobs. 

The taunts and jives in my life is still an ongoing situation.  When I meet my school friends and they learn I’m from the CC industry, I still get jeers.  But I don’t try to raise a debate or argue, I just imagine that I’m putting them on mute, while I silently think that they are idiots.   

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion…and the important thing is that we all love what we do, and that we constantly learn.



spongebob-300x400Nanunuod ako ng TV nung isang araw (op corse Cable kami) at nabore na ako sa mga palabas.  Tinry ko manuod ulit ng lokal program and guess what…napunta ako sa Channel 5 kung saan may palabas na tagalized na Spongebob Squarepants.  Muntik na akong mapatambling nang narinig ko ang dialogue na “Patrick, tara na at kumain sa Krusty Krab.  Ako ay gutom na kasi noh!”  Tinagalog na…ginawa pang parang baklang sosyalera si spongebob…tsktsk.

Naalala ko nung kabataan ko (mga 3 years ago) natatandaan ko pa na talagang ang mga TV shows ay educational.  Naala ko pa ang teaching power ng Sesame street when it comes to English.  At yung mga cartoons noon english at di tagalized… kaya ang mga bata pwersado ma kaparinig ng mga english english, at sa kapapakinig nila nito, di nila sinasadyang matuto.  Kahit todo dugo na ang mga ilong nila…pinipilit nilang intindihin ang mga palabas…at wala namang choice…si Pong Pagong lang naman ang tagalog nung mga panahon na yun e…

Dati nga wala pa ang dialogue na “Nose Bleed” dahil naman di pa ganun ka ngatters ang kabataan sa English, peru ngaun ongoing joke na cya dahil mas kaunti na ang marunung magsalita at umintindi ng inggles.  Ang mga networks kasi ngaun atat na sa ratings, kaya dinedeadma na nila ang konsepto na matuto ang mga tao…basta ang logic ay, pag tagalog mas madaming manunuod.

Di ako advocate ng English…at wala naman talaga akong paki-alam.  Napansin ko lang kaya nagbibigay ako ng opinyon ko.  Inaantay ko na lang ang panahon na lahat tagalized na.  Ang X-Men nga e tinagalize na din…and nabangit pa ng network na ililiteral na lahat ang mga pangalan ng karakters ng x-men. 

Wolverine = Taong Lobo

Professor X = Propessor Ekis

Cyclops = Sang-Mata

Nightcrawler = Nangagapang sa Gabi

Storm the mistress of the elements = Bagyo ang kerida ng mga elemento.

naku po…anu pa si Magneto?  Bato Balani…?

Galing talaga!!!

Goodness,its 2009 …time get over the things of the past and start a new.  The question is…can the past really be easily forgotten?  So many hard times were present during 2008, but the more crap that comes to our lives the stronger we become.  A wise character once mentioned that “To live is to fight!”  And i agree.  This 2009…i think ill start off by letting go of the things which actually hold me back…and moving on to a better and happier future. I am strong, im a great guy..and its about time to grow up.

“good luck sakin hehehe”

It’s sad how people come and go…but the thing we must always realize is that a few things last forever.  And that’s that.  the important thing is we cherish the relationships that we have had and try to treasure them as best as possible.  Madami jang mangagamit lang sa iyo, marami jang mang tratraydor, at madami jang sana masagasaan na ng kinakalawang na kotse at ma-dedo dahil sa tetano.  Peru ganun lang tlaga buhay.  Magagamit at magagamit ka ng iba…at makakagamit at makakagamit ka din ng hindi mo napapansin.  ITS THE REAL FRIENDSHIPS THAT WILL ALWAYS LAST! And be thankful that the fake ones and the harmful ones get’s filtered out by God.  Kaya sa mga bwiset na wala na sa buhay ko…yeah you win, i still care sortof.  (Loser ko talaga…heheh.)  I am happy that you are gone from my life…coz it was for the best…  I believe na nagkamali din ako kaya ako iniwan…kaso, i know na there are always two sides of a coin.  Madami din naman akong ginawang tama ryt?  Peru…that’s really one of the hardest lessons of life, to move on and to realize that the world is not perfect.  There will always be losses, there will always be sorrow, and there will always be people who you will always love but you just cannot have. 

I miss you all so badly…Peru i will move on and and i will always cherish what we have shared together!  There are no accidents in this world, and everyone i met was never an accident!

Kaya cheers na lang sa inyo! all the best! And stay cool!

I have met a lot people in this world who do nothing but complain.  They complain about the work they do, the subjects they have, the salaries they get, the friends they’ve got, the weather, the sun the moon and the stars, and they complain about almost everything in general.  Well, honestly, we all go through that phase, but, it really shouldn’t last.  I mean, if we just take time to pause and reflect on the things that really matter, much like our families, our real friends, and of course God who is always there, then it’s still a great life.  Our lives will never be perfect, but if we pursue perfection rather than contentment, then we will never be happy.  ^_^  I LOVE my LiFE, coz i choose to LOvE it!

Kaninang umaga ay sobrang na-late aku, ito ay dahil sa mga tao sa MRT na ang hilig hilig humarang sa pinto gayung sa pinakamalayo naman silang stations bababa.  Wala talagang sense ang mga tao na sasakay sa North terminal, at pag ala nang silya ay sa pinto sila pupuwesto kahit na sa Taft pa ang destinasyon nila.   Ang resulta ngayon ay lahat ng susunod na sasakay ng train ay natetenga sa pinto, at lahat ng tao ay napeperwisyo, at madaming hindi makasakay! 

Kaya aku e nagantay pa ng tatlong train bago tuloy makasakay…andami talagang kabobong mga tao!!!

Ang mga tao talaga, ang tamad tamad magisip.  Palibhasa, walang paki-alam sa kapwa, lahat sarili na lang ang inaatupag at iyon ang rason kung bakit hindi umuunlad ang ating bansa…kaya dapat lahat tayo ay maging makasarili na lamang dahil ikaw lang ang lugi pag hindi ka magkaroon ng mentalidad na ala Darwin na “The strong shall survive.”

Sa opis ay wala na akung ginawa kungdi mabadtrip sa mundo at sa mga tao sa piligid ko.  Lahat e sinungitan ko.  Nagpakatopak nanaman aku.  Sinipa ku ang janitress, at inaway ang staff sa cafeteria dahil masyadong maputla ung brocolli nila na binenta sakin. 

Sana ay ganoon na aku buong araw ng bigla akung kinausap ng opismate ko at tinanung kung bakit badtrip aku.  Kinuwento ku ngayon yung nangyari sakin nung araw na iyon at akala ko e makikiramay siya.  Akalain mo ay tumawa lamang siya at sinabing.  “Ganun talaga…pangit na nga ang buhay e papapangitin mo pa?”

I love my life…

I just watched Captain Barbell on GMA last night, and as expected, the show sucked.
Hehe…joke!  I found the show great!

You have to admit the story plot was quite dumb compared to the old Captain Barbell stories where Teng was just an ordinary loser who found a magical barbell which made him transform into a handsome hero.

The storyline is the typical Pinoy telefantasya.  There’s a kind hearted hero na inaapi-api.  Kawawa ng sobra ang buhay, mahirap, walang makain, sinosopla ng mga mayayaman – but he still remains good till the end.  Tapos biglang mag kakapowers siya.  Tyaraaan!!!  Super hero na siya na pinag aagawan ng mundo – at every week may bagong kalaban na susulpot na parang Magik din.

So why do i find the show great even though nakita na natin yan dati sa Darna?

I have no idea…

I just find it cool that the show echoes elements that reflect goodness in our culture…  The show may be moronic, and Richard as someone nice is only a reality in the character he portrays, but it still does not fail to echo the values of a typical pinoy hero.  Inaapi na – mabait pa din.  Pagmamahal ng buong puso sa mga friends mo.  Pagiging masipag at hindi nagpapatalo sa buhay.  And being someone who fights for others.  – things that Captain Barbell does.

Dito sa Pinas ay nakakabwiset talaga.  Madaming killer, snatcher, holdaper, swapang na driber, at mga taong mas masahol pa sa demonyo.   

Pero, marami pa ding, mga honest, mga matulungin, mga tunay magmahal at mga mababait.

At kung ayaw mo maniwala, try mo sumakay ng jeepney at magkunwaring naliligaw…magugulat ka kung gaano kadami ang tutulong sayo…

Ever heard the law of equivalent trade from FMA?  It simply states that to gain something one must sacrifice something of equal value… 

I have a playboy friend, la na ginawa kung hindi manlandi ng manglandi ng mga girls.  And alam mo naman ang mga girls…kaunting sweet words, flowers at kaunting attention lang e nahuhulog agad ang loob, lalu na pag pogi ung guy. E yung frend ku kamukha ni Richard. kaya ayun, daming na ta-take home. Kasu, after a while, tatapon na niya na parang lumang sapatos pag bored na cya at hahanap ulit iba.

Once natanung ko if di ba siya nakokonsyensya sa ginagawa niya at parang napaka-bad maglaro ng feelings ng iang tao.  Sinagot lang niya ako na. “Masaya naman pare at para may thrill ang buhay.” 

That was two years ago.

Ngayon, kamukha pa din niya si Richard, peru wala nang nahuhumali sa kaniya.  Siya ngayun ay biktima ng pyschological na sakit na “depression” di cya makatulog, di maka kain, di na maka ligo at medyu di na siya mabango.  Sa call center siya nagtratrabaho, peru ubos lahat ng sweldo sa toma.  Siya na din ang nag sabi sakin…”parang nakarma ako sa mga kalokohan ko dati, dahil hindi na ako sumaya.”

Hindi ako nag-papaka all knowing effect at nagpapangap na matalino at di naman talaga ako katalinuhan.  Peru ang tanging masasabi ko, lagi nga may trade off’s ang buhay.  Lahat ng bagay na nagawa mo ay laging may balik sa iyo in one way or the other.  It’s just how the world really works and it cannot be avoided even if you think it can. Every effort you do, every form of energy you release may it be positive or negative will always come back.  Sinu ang mga successful? — Yung mga nagpundar ng time and effort at nagsacrifice ng relationships at hapiness to be succesful.  Sinu ang mga unhappy — yung mga kesyu born rich, peru they never really took time to make an effort to be better persons, and in the end they just have money but they really aint happy. Sinu ang gma healthy?  — Yung mga nagtiis mag watch ng diet, umiwas sa lechon pag may handaan, at yung mga nakain ng healthy yoghurt na mas masahol pa sa tinunaw na goma ang lasa.  Sinu ang may succesful love lives? — Yung mga nag sacrifice for their love lives.  Mga nag set-aside ng personal interests nila for the benefit of their partners.   And sinu ang mga unhappy? — edi ug mga masasama ugali, at nagpapalunkot sa mga iba.

What we sow is alwayS what we reap…
 nuff said

I just went out with a frend. a Lesbian frend.  When we met she clung to my arms as we walked around Trinoma, she clung in a way which implied that we were actually an item.  I was actually surprised when she first did that, i mean we were very close but this was the first time she clung to me like a girl…After a while of going around the mall, with a tivoli (tibo) around my arm i just had to ask what the hell was up?

“Uhmm, bakit mo ako kinakapitan?  May gusto ka na ba sakin?”

To which she replied.

“Shh, andito mga tropa ko sa opis, gusto ko makita nila ako na may kahawak na lalaki para wag nila mahalata na tibo ako…naiiisyu naku sa opis e…”

Wow, imagine that…i was being used and i didn’t know it. If only she was pretty it wouldn’t have mattered. But i didnt want to be used by an ugly friend!

I said…

“Look this is stupid!  You should just be true to yourself and you should not use me to pretend!  I mean, to be used by another is beyond my standards!  I refuse to be your boytoy to save your reputation!”

And she said.

“Babayaran kita 500 at ililibre sa starbucks…magpangap ka lang…”


I then gave her my arm…and we tried to find her officemates…

Bottom line: its funny how people always have roles to play.  Everyone is an actor, most people spend their lives trying to fit in and pretend taht they are somethign that they are not.  Everyone has reasons to be someone else…or something else.

The challenge of life is to find people where you can just be the real you…no matter what…

Ay we never found her friends…kaya 200 pesos na alng at starbucks ang binigay niya…

Wow!  I’d pretty much would like to talk about something called failure.  Recently i failed big time.  No exagerations here, i REALLY MADE A MESS OF THINGS!!!  Nagkamali na ako before peru this time is talagang sobrang nanira ako ng buhay ng madaming mga tao.  I made such a big mess and and i did this again and again.  I ruined relationships, i ruined peope i ruined everything.  And it was actually my fault.  Kung buhay si Jose Rizal…naiyak siya sa nagawa ko… 

At first i was angry, because i thought that there are always two sides to a coin.  And i may have messed up, but i never did mean to mess up, and everyone was at fault.  I also went to the stage that i hated some people, as in literally hate them na i wish they were dead!!!  Coz mga ***** cla.  Peru…

All in all, when it came down to it, i did mess up…and i was wrong.  Oftentimes we spend so much time focusing on how we were wronged, and we create hundreds of ways to justify ourselves.  In this process of justification we tend to forget the mere fact na nagkamali din tayo. 

We’re usually the guilty one talaga…and sometimes, we do hurt others without really realizing it. 

The hardest person to blame is ourselves…

And when i realized and accepted na nagkamali talaga ako..i entered a stage of depression in which gusto ku na lamang magkulong sa isang kweba at mag antay na dumating si Jesus.  I wanted to never go out and face the world again. I wanted to suffer and suffer and suffer coz i made such a great mistake.  I wanted to die!

The hardest person to forgive is ourselves…

But, God is still good. After all the mistakes i’ve made, there was still space for another chance.  I got an opportunity to move away from what happened and i got a chance to start all over again.  And fine!

I’m happy once more,and i am very careful not to make the same mistakes ive done before.  This time i am constantly praying that i learned my lesson because i’m just such a stubborn individual that i often repeat mistakes over and over again.

the hardest person to teach is ourselves…

Bottom line :

Lahat tayo papalpak…lahat tayo makaka sakit…at lahat tayu magkakamali.  May mga times na magpapaka G@go tayu.  May mga times na magiging adik tayu.  May mga times na masisira natin ang mga relationships natin na maganda dahil abnormal tayu…peru…ganun lang talaga ang buhay.  Dapat bumangon muli, linisin ang ating puso at utak.  Patawarin ang sarili, at subukan muli…

Amen to that…

just sharing