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I just went out with a frend. a Lesbian frend.  When we met she clung to my arms as we walked around Trinoma, she clung in a way which implied that we were actually an item.  I was actually surprised when she first did that, i mean we were very close but this was the first time she clung to me like a girl…After a while of going around the mall, with a tivoli (tibo) around my arm i just had to ask what the hell was up?

“Uhmm, bakit mo ako kinakapitan?  May gusto ka na ba sakin?”

To which she replied.

“Shh, andito mga tropa ko sa opis, gusto ko makita nila ako na may kahawak na lalaki para wag nila mahalata na tibo ako…naiiisyu naku sa opis e…”

Wow, imagine that…i was being used and i didn’t know it. If only she was pretty it wouldn’t have mattered. But i didnt want to be used by an ugly friend!

I said…

“Look this is stupid!  You should just be true to yourself and you should not use me to pretend!  I mean, to be used by another is beyond my standards!  I refuse to be your boytoy to save your reputation!”

And she said.

“Babayaran kita 500 at ililibre sa starbucks…magpangap ka lang…”


I then gave her my arm…and we tried to find her officemates…

Bottom line: its funny how people always have roles to play.  Everyone is an actor, most people spend their lives trying to fit in and pretend taht they are somethign that they are not.  Everyone has reasons to be someone else…or something else.

The challenge of life is to find people where you can just be the real you…no matter what…

Ay we never found her friends…kaya 200 pesos na alng at starbucks ang binigay niya…