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It’s sad how people come and go…but the thing we must always realize is that a few things last forever.  And that’s that.  the important thing is we cherish the relationships that we have had and try to treasure them as best as possible.  Madami jang mangagamit lang sa iyo, marami jang mang tratraydor, at madami jang sana masagasaan na ng kinakalawang na kotse at ma-dedo dahil sa tetano.  Peru ganun lang tlaga buhay.  Magagamit at magagamit ka ng iba…at makakagamit at makakagamit ka din ng hindi mo napapansin.  ITS THE REAL FRIENDSHIPS THAT WILL ALWAYS LAST! And be thankful that the fake ones and the harmful ones get’s filtered out by God.  Kaya sa mga bwiset na wala na sa buhay ko…yeah you win, i still care sortof.  (Loser ko talaga…heheh.)  I am happy that you are gone from my life…coz it was for the best…  I believe na nagkamali din ako kaya ako iniwan…kaso, i know na there are always two sides of a coin.  Madami din naman akong ginawang tama ryt?  Peru…that’s really one of the hardest lessons of life, to move on and to realize that the world is not perfect.  There will always be losses, there will always be sorrow, and there will always be people who you will always love but you just cannot have. 

I miss you all so badly…Peru i will move on and and i will always cherish what we have shared together!  There are no accidents in this world, and everyone i met was never an accident!

Kaya cheers na lang sa inyo! all the best! And stay cool!